Лёгкая и легкая портативная машина для плазменной резки с ЧПУ

Быстрые Детали

Состояние: Новый
Voltage: 220V/380V, 110V/460V Universal
Номинальная мощность: 7,5 кВт
Размер (Д * Ш * В): Модель машины
Вес: 1000 кг
Сертификация: CE
Гарантия: 1 год
Послепродажное обслуживание: инженеры могут обслуживать технику за рубежом
Item: Portable CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine
Cutting Mode: Flame and Plasma
Track Span: 3m
Track Length: 6m (Standard), Lengthening as per multiple of 3m
Effective Cutting: Effective cutting width 2.5m; Effective cutting length 5m (standard)
Cutting Torch No.: 1group (Standard), optional: 2/3/4 groups
Driving Mode: 400Wx3, Panasonic AC servo system, dual driving mode
Height Control: Arc voltage torch height control and anti-collision (plasma standard)
Cutting Gas: Plasma: Air, Oxygen
Cutting Speed Range: 0~21000mm/min, Stepless speed regulation

Описание товара

ВещьPortable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Гарантия1 Year
Country of OriginChina (Mainland), Shandong
Size (L * W * H)Machine Model
Номинальная мощность7.5kw
вольтаж220V/380V, 110V/460V Universal
Режим резкиFlame and Plasma
Track Span3m
Track Length6m (Standard), Lengthening as per multiple of 3m
Effective CuttingEffective cutting width 2.5m; Effective cutting length 5m (standard)
Cutting Torch No.1group (Standard), optional: 2/3/4 groups
Driving Mode400Wx3, Panasonic AC servo system, dual driving mode
Height ControlArc voltage torch height control and anti-collision (plasma standard)
Резка газаPlasma: Air, Oxygen
Cutting Speed Range0~21000mm/min, Stepless speed regulation
Толщина резкиThermadyne Cutmaster A120 Plasma power source (standard),Dross- free cutting capacity 15mm, pierce capacity 20mm, Max cutting capacity (edge start) 40mm.
CNC system functionWith all functions of the standard gantry CNC system
File Transfer Cable, wireless network or USB
Running control ModeComputer control, hand-held wireless remote controller


For Flame cutting: Auto ignition and capacitance height control

For Plasma cutting: Hypertherm PMX1000/1250/1650 to HSD130 plasma


MOQ1 Set Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Основные особенности

1. Gapless gear,rack gear,step driver.
2. linear guide rail coming from Taiwan, high precision,stable running.
3. Bottom plate consist of welded square tube and steel flat, high precision base level,anti-rust and durability.
4. Beam being made of aluminium alloy, light weight, no deformation.
5. Self-developed CNC system with top stability and antijamming capability, english operation interface, can change CAD graph into cutting code. Prepositive USB interface, non-seal graph process, supports common cutting.
6. Beam: Linear guide, reduce wear, being able to assure cutting accuracy.

Technical Indexes

1. Cutting Shape: Being able to cut any flat shape steel-metal part composed by line & arc.
2. Cutting Precision: National standard JB/T10045.3-99.
3. Effective Cutting Width: 0~2500mm.
4. Effective Cutting Length: 0~4300mm.
5. Drive Mode: Single drive.
6. Torch: Standard 1 set (flame/plasma), torch quantity can be tailored.
7. Cutting Thickness: Flame: Maximum 200mm, Plasma: Depends on plasma source.
8. Ignition & THC: Autoignition, electric torch height controller.
9. CNC Syetem: LANSUN III self-developed, easy-to-use, reliable performance.
10. NC Programming: Full-automatic graphical programming software based on Auto CAD.
11. Cutting Gas: Oxygen+acetylene/propane.
12. File Transfer: Cable, wireless network or USB.
13. Running Control Mode: Computer control, handle-held wireless remote controller.
14. Input Voltage: 220v/380v,110v/460 universal.
15. Option: For flame cutting, autoignition and capacitance height control; For plasma cutting, hypertherm PMX1000/1250